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"Kevin Barry aka 'The Matinee Idles' has produced a beautifully soulful and odd record that burrows its way into your mind through its sheer relentlessness..."


"Kevin Barry paints startling images through his mutated trip-hop/funk soundscapes and they keep you guessing..."


the matinée idles live set up:

Kevin Barry Lead VOX/Guitar

Paddy Lyons Lead Guitar

Doug Sheridan Drums

Gordon Sheridan Bass

Ray Beggan Synth

"Take the time to listen to this record, give it its due and reap the rewards..."


"It’s almost as if Ian Curtis has lived on and has been collecting obscure Parliament B-sides..."


 "It goes beyond comparison, it sounds new and it sounds like breaking ground. It’s a joy – a slow burning and earned joy – but a joy nonetheless..."


"A deeply atmospheric record, A Festival of Colours bustles with musicality and glistening soundscapes. Tinged with post-rock and indie motifs the album is a serene, yet powerful journey into Kevin Barry’s music."
- The Last Mixtape 

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